Hire Full Show Sets
Or Just Purchase Individual Backdrops
In Full HD
Includes Animated Transitions

Welcome to Digital Backdrops, the new online backdrop provider for theatre groups.

Digital Backdrops is brought to you by the team behind a semi-professional theatre company. When we realised to potential of digital backdrops, done properly, over painted scenery, we looked closely at what we needed. We found after research, sourcing a good projector was within budget, but looking at the providers who sell digital backdrops, we quickly realised the ridiculous prices being charged.

Our technical team spent the next 4 years training in computer aided animation, and over the next five years began to create a whole range of digital backdrops for our shows.

Digital Backdrops Online has been created to share what we’ve created with other theatre companies the world over, in full HD, at a fraction of the cost of “other” providers.

If there is a backdrop you need that isn’t in our store, feel free to contact us, and we’ll add it to the list!